Lunch Break

Lunch Break

It appears as if the arcade cabinet came to life. The guys fend off an alien invasion while on their lunch break.

Lunch Break (a Short by: Karl Huber)

A short, no budget, make in your spare time, film.

Basically, just a group of people who enjoy all things film/movie making getting together to make this.

Check out the video. A Short film which was shot in one day, in extremely hot weather & crazy pop up storms. Think metal EVERYWHERE, lightening all around, and us under a metal over hang.

Oh and the budget: $0.00 + a lot of editing time.

Karl was also featured in Under Ground Minds who noticed the Lunch Break film.

You can check out their article at:

Summary of the film: 

Two hard working men find themselves trying to save the world, or at least their scrap yard, during their lunch break.

Aaron McGowan – Actor
Neal Fletcher – Actor
Karl Huber – Director
Page Lynch – Director of Photography
Cameron Chiles – Camera
Kala Wright – Lead Production Assistant
Kim McGowan – Continuity and Production Assistant
Laney Marie – Makeup
Carrie Cunningham – Makeup
KellyRae Huber – Set Photographer and Production Assistant
Darren Pierce – Storyboard Artist
Mike McGowan – Production Assistant
Devin Zandt – Production Assistant
Nathan McFarland – Music Mix Master!

Big thanks to Chuck Clark of Clark Iron & Metal for an incredible location!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our page & watch Lunch Break.


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